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Providing the Best Skilled Labor for Contractors Throughout Texas

Power Labor is dedicated to providing the skilled labor and tradesman needed for your Houston construction project or other projects throughout Texas quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to hassle with trying to find an experienced worker at the last minute. Let us deal with that so you can put your attention on completing your project. Our large database of skilled tradesmen enables us to provide you with the employee who has the skill set you need, when and where you need them.

Power Labor supplies qualified skilled tradesman and construction workers in the following industries:

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    From a simple wiring installation to a full electrical system overhaul

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    We can match the right plumber to your needs.

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    Welders who are experienced in both manual techniques and semiautomatic processes.

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    Power Labor carpenters can handle it all.


Flexible, reliable, on-demand construction workforce without the hassle

A Power Labor workforce instantly gives you increased flexibility. We shift your HR burden so you can avoid making hiring mistakes, reduce your costs, and limit your expenses and exposure. Let Power Labor help you to:

Increase your bottom line

By outsourcing your staffing needs you instantly lower your HR related costs and free up those funds to grow revenues.

Control your workforce

Outsourcing labor gives you complete control to increase or decrease manpower to meet the needs of each project.

Reduce your liability & exposure

In a relatively high turnover environment, costs can be significant. Outsourcing your labor needs reduces hiring and recruitment costs, your overtime and hold-over obligations, and lowers your workers comp and unemployment insurance costs. Power Labor handles all these and other costs such as payroll processing for you.

Shift the HR burden

HR costs can be significant and require a large time investment. Let Power Labor take on that burden for you. We locate candidates, conduct initial screenings, schedule interviews, check references, verify education, handle the offer process, and conduct the drug and background checks.

Accurate billing & payroll

Our dedicated bookkeeping department ensures billing and payroll are accurate and on time.

Make your life on the construction site easier—call us today!

Construction is a tough field and we’re here to make life on the job easier for you. So put us to work for you, we’ll get right on filling your request and select the best skilled laborers from our large database of Texas construction workers. Whether your Houston construction project or other construction projects throughout Texas are large, small, or somewhere in between, our team will get you the help you need. Contact us or call us today at 512-201-4018 to get started.


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San Antonio, TX 78209

Dallas / Fort Worth

Phone: 214.281.8350

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Phone: 281-747-5514

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